Saturday, July 6, 2013


upcoming nyc area shows
(for the few of you whom look at these lists ...jim...sol...)

--july 14th at Public Assembly
--- Krallice
--- Vaura
--- Psalm Zero
--- MV Carbon
(all ages)

--july 26th at Death By audio
--- Drose
--- Vaz
--- Murdered Man
--- Hathenter (mick and colin)
(double duty night for me, openin n closin)

--aug 4th at Silent Barn
---- Mossenek (mick and chuck)
---- Weasel Walter, Tim Dahl, Chris Pitsiokos
and more later...

--aug 8th at Fitness
---- Dripping Ancience (mick and mike pride)
and others, not sure who yet.

and thats that.
everything else is on still on schedule.
more briefly.