Thursday, October 13, 2011


Go here to hear Bloody Panda remix.


Hello all. 
Been slacking on this, but I finally have copies of Coiled Malescence for sale. CD is 10$ plus shipping, LP is 15$ plus shipping. Specify if you want the limiteder letterpress LP edition. Also, the CD has a bonus Ocrilim EP "Intrinsic Striations" which is 26 minutes extra. 
Let me know where you live and we can figure these shipping costs out. 
Also I have Ocrilim Ment LP, Orthrelm OV LP, and some other things. Updating the order page. As always, paypal is
If you would like to view photos of my recent excursion to Marfa TX, go here:
Also, if you live in the NYC area, this friday night at 830 come to Bruar Falls on grand and havemayer and see Brown Angel, Hyrokkin, Nick Millvoi, Mick Barr/Chuck Bettis duo and Zevious. You will be cleansed.