Saturday, January 19, 2013

it shows...

all shows in NYC.

jan 19th at freedom garden
BarrSheaDahl, weasel walter and other people

jann 22 at JACK
mick barr/mike pride tar duo -Dripping Ancience- with...
ron anderson/stuart popejoy/michael evans trio, andrew hock/davindar singh/nick podgurski trio and matt nelson/tim dahl/jason nazary trio

jannn 31st at DBA
Mossenek, Seaven Teares, Toby Driver, Mad Osztrosits

feb 12th at st vitus
Procatrocist reschedule with child abuse, radiation blackbody and oneirogen

feb 19th at JACK
mick barr/mike pride tar duo -Dripping Ancients-

feb 28th at DBA
marc edwards/mick barr duo, cellular chaos...

march 2nd at acheron
krallice, sacristy, imperial triumphant

march 10th at shapeshifter
i don't hear nothin but the blues, chuck bettis new trio

april 4th at bowery electric
ocrilim, oneirogen, geryon and looker/hock

april 20th at 92Y
mick barr and little women

june 25th at the stone
mick barr and zeena parkins(!) duo set 8pm

Also, just put up Ocrilorx and Octispile on
More later happens soon.