Saturday, September 29, 2012

Upcoming shows:

Oct 4th at Shea Stadium 20 Meadow St Brooklyn
8 dollars
Pulverize the Sound
Jealousy Mountain Duo
Mick Barr and Weasel Walter Duo
Joe Merolla and Kenny Grohowski

Oct 28th at the Paper Box 17 Meadow St Brooklyn
Mermort (japan)
Normal Love
Child Abuse
Killer Bob
Procatrosist (Weasel Walter, Mick Barr, Joe Merolla, Eston Browne) (Infested Improv)

Nov 4th at Death By Audio Brooklyn
Mossenek (Mick Barr and Chuck Bettis)
Entartete (Speck Brown from Orphan new band)
and others tba

Nov 13th at the Stone
BarrSheaDahl record release show

more soon.

oh, Ocrilim Annwn 2 coming october 12th.