Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mossenek Video

Video from Mossenek at St Vitus 7/11/12 courtesy of unartig.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Time is trucking along as usual.

Upcoming shows that happen to all be in Brooklyn NY (except 1):

7-11-12 at St Vitus
Kayo Dot,
Mossenek (mickbarr and chuckbettis),
MV Carbon

7-14-12 at Secret Project Robot
part of You Are Here Maze
Mick Barr and Tim Dewit (tar and electronic percussion duo)
some other people are playing but i'm not sure who...

7-25-12 at Barbes
part of Palimpsest series
i don't hear nothin but the blues

Basilica Music Festival, Hudson NY
Mick Barr solo
C Lavender

8-16-12 at Zebulon
Barr/Shea/Dahl annual show
From Bacteria to Boys

8-29-12 somewhere playing with someone opening for something.

--Yellowthief Remix 7" is out. Side 1 is 3 songs by Yellowthief. Side 2 is Yellowthief remixed by mickbarr. Features artwork by mick barr and adam flood. available now at Pick up the yellowthief 12" too.
7" will be available here sometime in the near future.

--New interview about guitar stuff here: 

--ANNWN 2 is complete and release impending. will be good to finally get this out. it was written and recorded in 2007. 2xCD will be limited to 100 copies. After those are gone it will be uploaded to

Currently working on pieces to be performed by Archer Spade and Judith Berkson. Also working on a new guitar quartet.

And... here is a picture of most of my releases courtesy of Lars Norlander: