Saturday, October 27, 2012


hello all.
thank you for all the orders of ANNWN 2.
the first batch of orders has shipped. copies are still available in the order section.

however another new release hovers on the horizon....
(mick barr-guitar, kevin shea-drums, tim dahl-bass)
released by weasel walter on ugExplode.
here is the page to preorder:
copy n paste it.
and also check out other preorders here:
everything on this list is worthy of time and study.
speaking of weasel, this happened recently:

upcoming shows:
OCT 28th at the paper box in brooklyn
the debut performance of Procatrosist
(mick barr-guitar, weasel walter-drums, joe merolla-bass, eston browne-vocals)
(infested brutal death metal improv)
we play first of 5 round 815.
also: Mermort (japan), Child Abuse, Normal Love, Killer Bob

NOV 4th at Death by Audio in brooklyn
Mossenek (mick barr and chuck bettis duo)
Yoshiko Ohara (bloody panda vocalist solo)
Entartete (new band featuring speck from orphan)

NOV 13th at the stone nyc
BARRSHEADAHL record release show
8pm set time

also, Feast of the Epiphany has released the great new album Temperance.
listen and order here:
i have a guest solo on the song "suffering".

up next: Mossenek tape on Rock is Hell
and probably more releases before Years Times Ends...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello all.
Ocrilim Annwn 2 CDs have arrived and will begin shipping out wednesday oct 24th.
order at the ordering page.

Monday, October 15, 2012

ANNWN 2 Preorder

Hello all.
October 2012.
Ocrilim Annwn 2.
double CD limited to 100 copies.
preorder predator:
16.00 postpaid in the US
19.00 postpaid in the world.
paypal demon: