Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mick barr hosting the musician show on wkcr 89.9 wednesday june 6th 6-9pm nyc time
will play some new stuff and world music
stream here:

from chfs in graz austria:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

may, new releases, show list

may 2012 recount. krallice recorded new album. acme performed string trio. wet ink performed Lordlore. i don't hear nothin but the blues went to europe and performed at moers + graz + koln. me and mike pride played in a church. big thanks and hails to everyone who helped make this month so epic.

now, june has struck.
available for order:
15 dollars postpaid in the US

also available:
I Don't Hear Nothin But The Blues Vol. 2 "Appalachian Haze" CD
12 dollars postpaid in the US

(official release date is in the fall, so this will be special for the early humans)

combine the 2 for 25 dollars in the US.
non-US orders email for postage rates.

as always, paypal is
or email me for other payment method availability.

upcoming shows:
june 5th at zebulon
Remote Burial
Sleepy Doug Shaw
DJ Dutchegerm

july 11th at St Vitus
Mossenek (mick barr and chuck bettis duo)
Kayo Dot
MV Carbon

July 14th at secret project robot
part of sam hillmer's maze
Mick Barr and Tim Dewit duo performance of tar and drums
maze kickstart with info:

upcoming releases:
Ocrilim "Annwn 2" limited 2xCD and unlimited digital
Krallice Album number 4