Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello all whom readeth. 
2011 is winding over. The wind has slowed. 
Video Madness:
Show with opera singer Jacquelynne Fontaine in Miami:
Duo improv set with drummer Marc Edwards at DBA in Brooklyn:
I Don't Hear Nothing But The Blues Trio at DBA:
I Don't Hear Nothing But The Blues Trio with Peter Evans at WKCR:
Solo show in homeland New Haven CT:
Live on the BJ Rubin Show as well:
And for the holidays...
Thats that. 
Then there's this:
So these recordings can be heard or bought. So some can offer support, if one has the means. So I can release recordings without post offices and packing tape. 
Then there's the future, where we are stuck. 2012 is upon us. Accept and observe.
2012 will see new releases. new Orthrelm EP, IDHNBTB trio, Chamber Musics, Oldest LP, Krallice's, Ocrilim...
New website:
"Skulldoze society!"

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Just got this up: OCRILIM.BANDCAMP.COM
Trying this one out.

Monday, December 5, 2011


new interview?
for those who read such things...

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Go here to hear Bloody Panda remix.


Hello all. 
Been slacking on this, but I finally have copies of Coiled Malescence for sale. CD is 10$ plus shipping, LP is 15$ plus shipping. Specify if you want the limiteder letterpress LP edition. Also, the CD has a bonus Ocrilim EP "Intrinsic Striations" which is 26 minutes extra. 
Let me know where you live and we can figure these shipping costs out. 
Also I have Ocrilim Ment LP, Orthrelm OV LP, and some other things. Updating the order page. As always, paypal is
If you would like to view photos of my recent excursion to Marfa TX, go here:
Also, if you live in the NYC area, this friday night at 830 come to Bruar Falls on grand and havemayer and see Brown Angel, Hyrokkin, Nick Millvoi, Mick Barr/Chuck Bettis duo and Zevious. You will be cleansed. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello again,
Here is an update of activities. 
1. Just finished a remix for the excellent Vancouver band Yellowthief. Working on cover art as well for a 7" release. Remix number 3 in a series of more. 
2. Leaving for Marfa, Texas on Thursday. I'll be performing solo at Ballroom Marfa on Friday Sept 30th at the opening of Autobody. If you reading this are anywhere near Marfa then please journey out. I will be making a small run of compilation CD-r's for this trip.  
3. Many shows in the NYC area. I will be performing alongside drummer Mike Pride and sax player Jon Irabagon this tues Oct 4th at the Stone in NYC. Improv set of terror and endurance. On Oct 9th I will be performing a solo set opening for Extra Life at Glasslands in Brooklyn. Oct 14th I will be performing a short solo set and then a collaborative set with Chuck Bettis on a show with Zevious, Brown Angel, and Nick Millevoi at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn.
4. Coiled Malescence is out on LP and CD. I will begin selling copies via here next week. If you can't wait, the LP is available at and the Cd is available at . 
5. Krallice Diotima cassette release is out. It will probably be available here: or here:
6. Orthrelm just played at Colin Marston's studio in Queens. Our ten minute set consisted of one new song and one old unrecorded song. We will hopefully be recording said songs and releasing a 7" or CD something. Go here for photos of the night.
7. Working on loads of new stuff. New Krallice songs, new chamber music, new solo recordings, new Orthrelm, new Oldest... 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Listen to a song off Coiled Malescence at Pitchfork, 
or the whole thing at Decibel. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello All. 
Pre-orders have started for the new Mick Barr LP "Coiled Malescence" over at so if interested go there. The official release date is September 13th. 
All copies of the LP will come with a letterpress insert of artwork. There will be a limited number of jackets which will also be letterpressed. The majority of the pressing will be normal printed jackets. 
The CD version will be released by Savage Land Records. It will contain bonus unreleased Ocrilim tracks. Heres the blog to look for that:
I will have copies of both formats to sell here at some point in the near future. I will also have copies of the Ocrilim "Ment" LP as well as Orthrelm "OV" LP. 
Also, the Oldest LP reissue will be out sometime in November on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia and the CD reissue will be released by Crucial Blast. More on that later. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Few things to go over with you people. 
First: I've got a few shows coming up:
-----August 5th at Death by Audio Brooklyn
---------Mick Barr, Vaz, Lichens, The Dreebs
-----August 24th at Zebulon Brooklyn
---------Barr/Shea/Dahl, Little Women
Second: There is a new Krallice EP out for free download. Tribute to Orphan's Brendan Majewski. Link:
Third: Free Krallice Flexi-disc record with latest issue of Decibel Magazine. We do a cover of Rorschach's Traditional. You can listen to it here:
Also, I just finished a remix for Vampillia from Japan. When it's released I will post about it. There's also a Bloody Panda remix I did coming out soon. But I've found that I like doing remixes. I add lots of guitar tracks and change the entire song. So, if you would like to commission me to do a remix for you, get in touch here: 
Much more info on it's way.  new LPs/CDs, new bands, kickstarters, drawings, websites, classical musics...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Hound Time

Many things.
Orthrelm "comeback" shows were great. We played a new set twice in England and once in Germany. There will be more, but we aren't sure when and where. Probably a new recording at some point too. Taking it all slowly...
But here is a video from the Moers Festival:
New solo LP/CD "Coiled Malescence" is still on it's way. Kind of got sidetracked a bit by other things. More soon on that. 
Oldest will be releasing an LP of the previously released CD from a few months ago. It will be released on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia out of Denver Colorado. 
No word on string quartet performance. Working on some other ensemble pieces in the meantime. 
More soon.  

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Monday, April 4, 2011

3LP Sold Out for now.

yep, i'm out of the purging trilogy 3LP boxset right now. rock is hell records still has some. order from them for now here:
Thanks to all orderers...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brendan Majewski

Monday, January 10, 2011

96 Tech

Old friend Frank Aveni has unearthed and uploaded some Crom Tech and The Crainium live footage from a Dec 14th 1996 show in Hamden, Connecticut. As far as I know this is the only Cromtech or Crainium live footage on the internet. Hopefully more will surface. Some early days shit... 
The Crainium