Tuesday, May 13, 2014

further drowning

many things..
yet another mossenek set..:

mossenek promo video for japan tour..:
made by chuck.

weasel walter improv collection..:
me and weasel duo track 6.

mossenek will perform live on wfmu june 10th sometime in the afternoon.
our bithcivserberous/old detention tape will be available soonish from 5nakefork.
precarious summoning cdrs soon too.

upcoming shows:
may 15th at trans pecos "Overishins" (barr, bettis, pride, deblase)
may 23rd at st vitus "Mossenek" with prizehog and Vaz
june 5th at st vitus "Mick Barr/Marc Edwards Duo" with dysrhythmia and many arms.
then mossenek in japan...

also, for those interested, i'll be playing in this at the end of may in nyc:

more soon, sure i forgot something. thanks to all bandcamp orderers/donators..

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Mossenek "Divine Indifference"
the 3rd of the digital trilogy.

upcoming nyc shows:

may 7th at silent barn, Mossenek, Nebadon, La Cruor
may 15th at trans pecos: Overishins (barr, bettis, pride, deblase) and others. 
may 23rd at st vitus: Mossenek, Prizehog
june 5th at st vitus: Mick Barr/Marc Edwards duo, Many Arms and Dysrhythmia