Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hear Nothing

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Year 10

Devils Fork LPs

Two New Psychic Assaults ov Musical Extremity form Devils Fork:

Avant-Garde Speedmetal influenced by Noisecore is called "Splatter", a bizarre alloy ov antitheses: neoclassical virtuosity fused with antimusical noiseworship. 
Hyperdense, songless, nonrepeating lightspeed riffing beyond reason. Unrelenting cascades ov athletik-charged blurr-blasts so fucking LOUD that viewers ov our live show video clips thought it was a P.E. band...which it nearly is.
Featuring "Klassikill" psychonaut Nondor Nevai ov ABORTED CHRIST CHILDE infamy on Throat and Battery in an exhausting duel with lightning-fast virtuoso Mick Barr (ORTHRELM) on guitar, amplifier and a 10-stringed Chinese zither called Guzheng that pushes this forty-minute work-out ov amp smoke and brainfry past "Obscura" into Sarcofago-from-Saturn terrortory.
180 gram LP in full color jacket with embroidered patch is 15$ IF DISTRO'ED, 20$ from me.

A One hour Black-Noise megasong ov odd-meter blurrblast and bionic throat-singing over sub bass voltage-controlled-oscillator sweeps, this "Perkussiv P.E." insult took months to complete.
Defecation-inducing sub bass riffs that are anti-melodic yet somehow catchy are torn by murderous vocal-chord-scarring screaming over relentlessly asymmetrical snare-and-bassdrum pressroll blasting at the limit ov what is performable.  
Truly rife with extremes ov tempo and frequency, this is high-contrast minimalist audio warfare that begins and stays at insektoid tempos before downshifting into a hypnotic twenty-minute double-bassdrum solo. 
180 gram DOUBLE LP in generic white jackets with embroidered patch is 20$ IF DISTRO'ED, 25$ from me.

available from nondor nevai. 
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