Saturday, September 20, 2014

avund and donder

hello all,
first off, thank you to all the good folks i met and hung out with at incubate festival in tilburg. was great to meet you and i really appreciate all the travel time and costs some of you had to endure. so, thank you!!!

second off, things at hand...
-october 4th i'll be performing solo at EMPAC in troy ny. here is their website about it:
-october 24th and 25th are virus days at st vitus... the 24th krallice will perform, the 25th ocrilim will perform.
-attention chicago humans!!!! october 26th ACME will perform 2 of my trios at Constellation, along with works of joseph byrd. here is their website about it: , i won't be there, but i want to be.
-more shows will be announced soonish, just being settled.

third off, heres a video from the performance i did with hisham bharoocha and his 19 bass drums:

fourth off, heres the video of the live on air performance of the bj rubin show featuring the annual augustian performance of BARRSHEADAHL:

fifth off, i'll begin selling the new one-sided oldest 7" sometime.

much more coming in the year(s), recordings, releases, drawings, shows, changes, staying sames,,,,