Friday, July 29, 2011

Few things to go over with you people. 
First: I've got a few shows coming up:
-----August 5th at Death by Audio Brooklyn
---------Mick Barr, Vaz, Lichens, The Dreebs
-----August 24th at Zebulon Brooklyn
---------Barr/Shea/Dahl, Little Women
Second: There is a new Krallice EP out for free download. Tribute to Orphan's Brendan Majewski. Link:
Third: Free Krallice Flexi-disc record with latest issue of Decibel Magazine. We do a cover of Rorschach's Traditional. You can listen to it here:
Also, I just finished a remix for Vampillia from Japan. When it's released I will post about it. There's also a Bloody Panda remix I did coming out soon. But I've found that I like doing remixes. I add lots of guitar tracks and change the entire song. So, if you would like to commission me to do a remix for you, get in touch here: 
Much more info on it's way.  new LPs/CDs, new bands, kickstarters, drawings, websites, classical musics...