Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello again,
Here is an update of activities. 
1. Just finished a remix for the excellent Vancouver band Yellowthief. Working on cover art as well for a 7" release. Remix number 3 in a series of more. 
2. Leaving for Marfa, Texas on Thursday. I'll be performing solo at Ballroom Marfa on Friday Sept 30th at the opening of Autobody. If you reading this are anywhere near Marfa then please journey out. I will be making a small run of compilation CD-r's for this trip.  
3. Many shows in the NYC area. I will be performing alongside drummer Mike Pride and sax player Jon Irabagon this tues Oct 4th at the Stone in NYC. Improv set of terror and endurance. On Oct 9th I will be performing a solo set opening for Extra Life at Glasslands in Brooklyn. Oct 14th I will be performing a short solo set and then a collaborative set with Chuck Bettis on a show with Zevious, Brown Angel, and Nick Millevoi at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn.
4. Coiled Malescence is out on LP and CD. I will begin selling copies via here next week. If you can't wait, the LP is available at safetymeeting.net and the Cd is available at slrec.blogspot.com . 
5. Krallice Diotima cassette release is out. It will probably be available here: damagerituals.com or here: krallice.bigcartel.com
6. Orthrelm just played at Colin Marston's studio in Queens. Our ten minute set consisted of one new song and one old unrecorded song. We will hopefully be recording said songs and releasing a 7" or CD something. Go here for photos of the night. justinav.info
7. Working on loads of new stuff. New Krallice songs, new chamber music, new solo recordings, new Orthrelm, new Oldest...