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Monday, May 13, 2013


hello readers and seekers
here's some kind of update.
-may 22nd new trio debut with johnny deblase of zevious and larry kwartowitz of cleric. some kind of improv-ment. silent barn in bushwick brooklyn. home of the bodybagwash.

-June 11th at the Rotunda in Philadelphia... chamber duo Archer Spade will premiere "TCHMENTREACH" for electric guitar and trombone written by mickbarr.  i will also perform a solo set and jeremiah cymerman will do a solo set as well. so, all you phillydelphians come hither!

-June 12th at st vitus in brooklyn will see the archer spade performing said piece again. also performing: I DONT HEAR NOTHIN BUT THE BLUES, marc edwards/weasel walter group and New Firmament featuring nick podgurski of extra life and crowbar...

-mndlsblstng anthology cassette is released and being sold somewhere. here maybe: --- and in the coming week or more i will have copies. will i sell them? time will tell. i like to horde my cassettes.

-mossenek live free music archives pileup. dripping ancience will soon digitize the spirit-hand-possession recordings. speaking of... get mike pride's 2 new albums:

-new release in the works. perhaps a pre-order is imminent. stay with me. medic....


chuck bettis has posted another live mossenek performance.
this time from the stone earlier this year.
more to come hopefully more...

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colin blasts alone

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