Friday, April 27, 2012


MOSSENEK "Sublingual Glossectum"

Mick Barr - Guitar -------- Chuck Bettis - Throat + Electronics

our first official recording after 10 years of sporadic collaboration

Available now at

also finally put up Oldest and Ocrilim "Anoint"

more soon...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here for ordering of Krallice "Orphan of Sickness" 1 sided LP:

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Alright, been a while...
here is a list of things happening in the world of Mjop Broon...
--Playing solo at the Stone in NYC April 18th at 8pm sharp.
--Playing solo at Printed Matter books NYC April 19th around 7pm-ish. Free admission. Bad Day magazine launch party.
--Recorded MNDLSBLSTNG album at the Devils Fork. Will be released on LP soonish.
--Recorded an album with Chuck Bettis to be released via bandcamp/FMA soonerish.
--Krallice "Orphan of Sickness" released as a one-sided 12" limited to 200 copies. Not sure where you can get it just yet. Might try and get some to sell here.
--Oldest LP almost here. check here or here:
--I Don't Hear Nothing But The Blues Trio is going to europe. We are playing Moers Festival and Graz and Frankfurt and Cologne. Our CD "Volume II - Appalachian Haze" to be released soon. (there was a vol. I which featured only the duo of Jon Irabagon and Mike Pride)
--IDHNBTB will also be playing 2wice in NYC in june. June 5th at Zebulon and June 16th at Death By Audio.
Also, ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble) will be performing my string trio May 11th and 12th at the Kitchen in NYC. Here is the listing for it:
And Wet Ink Ensemble will be performing my piece for Tenor Saxophone, Violin and Piano May 22nd and 23rd at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn.
--Krallice will record a new album early May. We may also be embarking on a trip to perform in Japan in July.
Thats about it for now. More stuff on and and i will keep adding things until i have nothing left unreleased. Except for maybe a few unworthy recordings...
Started a blog a while ago to share music. Will probably be slow with it, but here:
And check out David Buddin's Canticles for Electronic Music.