Wednesday, February 25, 2015


looker, halvorson, braxton, barr
video from set at the stone, 1/14/15
captured by kevin reilly.
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the end of february 2015

--friday 2/27/15 at the cake shop in manhattan:
(this will be my last solo set for a while, so if thats any incentive to come out, then by all means. i play first at 9:15 ish.)
--saturday 2/28/15 at the union pool in brooklyn:
(this is the 3rd ever oldest performance, the first announced show in nyc, and the first casual dots performance in a long while. dc family reunion night. come early, i anticipate a sell out.)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mossenek in Japan

hello all,
the mossenek live in japan recordings are finally all up online:

the next scheduled performances are as follows:

feb 8th barrsheadahl at palisades with angel of retribution
feb 27th solo set at cake shop with child abuse, nebadon, pyrrhon
feb 28th oldest at union pool with casual dots
march 15th hathenter at silent barn with ava mendoza's unnatural ways
august 18th-23rd the stone residency with mndlsblstng and others

this year will also see many releases. a lot of old stuff that i'm sick of sitting on. a lot of new stuff still in gestation. they will be announced as things happen. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

015 thus far performances

shows this january in the year 015th.
jan 14 at the stone, 10pm::
Charlie Looker, Mary Halvorson, Mick Barr, Tyondai Braxton guitar quartet.

jan 21st at le poisson rouge, 10pm::
Zs (record release show)
w/ Mick Barr (solo set) and Michael Beharie

jan 22nd at silent barn::
Kid Millions/Mick Barr/Sarah Bernstein/Stuart Popejoy
with GDFX, Ava Mendoza, Brat Pit

Monday, December 8, 2014

drownt in mossenek

2 more mossenek live sets posted here:

this is probably it for the year for releases. thanks to all who supported this year of releases.

coming in early january: mossenek live in japan recordings.

next year will see a slew of releases. please pay attention here. and here:

colin and lars, "meaningless shit":

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


-new mossenek:

-oldest second show ever this sat Nov 15th in LA:

-mick barr/brandon seabrook/chris pitsiokis trio next thurs nov 20th at manhattan inn:

-Nabrok (speck from orphan new band):

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



the worst and possibly final release as ocrilim.
time will tell...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

avund and donder

hello all,
first off, thank you to all the good folks i met and hung out with at incubate festival in tilburg. was great to meet you and i really appreciate all the travel time and costs some of you had to endure. so, thank you!!!

second off, things at hand...
-october 4th i'll be performing solo at EMPAC in troy ny. here is their website about it:
-october 24th and 25th are virus days at st vitus... the 24th krallice will perform, the 25th ocrilim will perform.
-attention chicago humans!!!! october 26th ACME will perform 2 of my trios at Constellation, along with works of joseph byrd. here is their website about it: , i won't be there, but i want to be.
-more shows will be announced soonish, just being settled.

third off, heres a video from the performance i did with hisham bharoocha and his 19 bass drums:

fourth off, heres the video of the live on air performance of the bj rubin show featuring the annual augustian performance of BARRSHEADAHL:

fifth off, i'll begin selling the new one-sided oldest 7" sometime.

much more coming in the year(s), recordings, releases, drawings, shows, changes, staying sames,,,,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

more crap.

hello all.
1st off, here is audio from a set i did with hisham bharoocha and his 19 bass drums. 

2nd off, this friday there will be a live broadcast of the bj rubin show which barrsheadahl will play.
if in nyc, watch tv:  It will be broadcast from 11pm-midnight on MNN1 in Manhattan (Time Warner 34, RCN 82, FiOS 33). For people not in Manhattan, here is a link to watch it live on the internet:

3rd off, mossenek "precarious summoning" cd is sold out. thanks y'all. 

4th off, , , 

Friday, August 1, 2014

up and coming shows

aug 2nd solo set at basilica, hudson ny
aug 5th solo set at lulu's greenpoint nyc
aug 9th trio improv set with travis laplante and nick podgurski, 69 clifton pl, 1st fl, clinton hill nyc.
hopefully sometime late august barrsheadahl set somewhere new yorky...
sept 17th krallice at incubate festival, tilburg holland
sept 18th solo set at incubate festival, tilburg holland
oct 4th solo set at empac, troy ny
oct 24th krallice set at stvitus, greenpoint nyc with virus
oct 25th solo set at stvitus, greenpoint nyc with virus